The Guardian - omnipotent, it sees everything - almost...

​In a universe where energy is the only weapon stands the Guardian. Wage war against it across 100 lands conquering each one where manipulating energy from one form to another is the only way to beat it. You must conquer each land by absorbing the Guardian that is defending it.

You control a sentient drone that can also absorb and convert energy between objects. You can only absorb objects which reside on tiles your drone can look down upon.

​Your drone can rotate itself in its current position and can only move about the land by creating an empty drone on another tile and transferring your sentience (teleporting) to it.

​Gain height by stacking rocks and placing a drone on top and teleporting to it. Hyperspace to a random tile on the same level or lower.

Creating trees, rocks and drones reduces your overall energy. You can only create items if you have enough energy (which includes teleporting and hyperspacing).

​Selecting locations to create items is done by putting your drone into 'selection mode' by clicking the crosshairs icon. Your drone cannot rotate while in this mode but can select tiles, trees, rocks and other drones before clicking other icons to effect the energy transfer (e.g click the crosshairs icon, select a tile then click the rock icon to create a rock on the selected tile).

At the beginning of each game, the items present in the land equal the total amount of energy (excluding the energy of the player). Absorbing items from the land removes energy from it and creating items adds it back in. If the energy level in the land is out of balance (i.e above or below 100%) this alerts the Guardian to start rotating and rebalance the energy. The Guardian will do this by scanning for items in the land (drones and rocks) and absorbs them - reducing them to their ancestral forms (drones to rock, rock to tree).

​The Guardian has help to flush you out - beware of Chasers and Wardens in later lands. Chasers force you to hyperspace. Wardens perform the same function as the Guardian but do not have to be absorbed to conquer a land.

To conquer a land the Guardian must be absorbed. Once it has been the player cannot absorb any more energy from the land - you must create a new drone on the Guardian's tile, teleport to it and then hyperspace out of the land (if you have enough energy remaining) - the amount of which will determine which land will be unlocked to be conquered next...

Developer note

This was a project that started off as a mental programming exercise to figure out how the great Geoff Crammond managed to come up with the idea of his amazing game The Sentinel. Once I'd figured out the basic mechanics of it all I was consumed by adding 'just one more thing' and before I knew it I'd more or less created a fully-fledged version of the game.

This remains a development project for the time being.