Ian Weeks - Programmer

Tucasoft is an indie studio consisting of just me, Ian.

I've been coding my entire professional life - mainly in a corporate setting.

I grew up in the creative heady days of 8-bit computers - VIC-20, C64, Spectrum before moving on up to the beast that was the Amiga.

I left gaming behind for many years as life took over and I settled into a software engineering career writing business systems for top corporations around the world.

A few years ago I stumbled upon various blogs about writing games using Mono which led me to noodling around with it and developing a couple of games. I looked around for something a bit more powerful that I could combine my 3D modelling/animation skills that I'd picked up along the way and I discovered Unity.

This led me to developing ever more ambitious projects - the fruits of which you can see in Pedra! and Guardian War.

I live in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, with my family and still code for corporations by day and develop game ideas by night.

Watch this space for more games coming your way...

Also, for those interested in such things - in a previous life I did a bit of filmmaking.

Contact me at info@tucasoft.com